All the portable units now come with Ethernet ports for "wired" networking like in businesses, most hotel rooms, some homes (like mine) etc.  Most have wireless networking (the 802.11, B or G standard) too, for connecting to wireless routers for home wireless setups, Starbucks, Campuses, Libraries and the like.  802.11G is faster than B (54 vs. 11).  Some notebooks still have floppy drives in them or external USB floppy drives are available.


The ONLY link you really need is HP. Seriously though, Best Buy usually has great deals, guarantees the best price, and you have a place to carry it into if it breaks, check their weekly ad. Also see CompUSA, Wal-Mart Office Depot, Target, Staples.



Epinions: Smart interface.


Sony, Toshiba and Apple are good, of course I like HP.


Once you shop and find a model number you'd like, find it in or for the best price, it may be cheaper online and you may find a store near you that has it too.


Other places to look for deals:


SalesCircular: (With rebates info).


Any more questions, donít hesitate to email!